Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beware of tongue-bombs - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


Any association or a get-together for the love of Allah, the Prophet and awliya Allah is an association which gets mentioned in numerous hadith. There are angels who circumbulate people in such a gathering. Before that, the angels would roam looking at us. How can a mobile phone roam? The angels can roam too. Allah sends angels or camera if you like - they roam everywhere checking on people, who is listening to shaytan. Actually whoever violates Allah's rule is a terrorist. We don't need definition for terrorism, anyone who does not follow Allah's order only means that he follows the enemies; he becomes a terrorist.

Many Muslims today have a tendency to label others as kafir. If you accuse anyone who profess la ilaha illAllah then the accuser is the one who is kafir. Some people have 'tongue bombs' that is just waiting to explode. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says 'whoever could control what is between his jaws and legs, I guarantee him paradise.' If you see something wrong you must correct it. The suicide bomber will surely be punished by Allah but those with tongue-bombs will continually be punished because it is always there and it keeps exploding. Learn your lesson, although Allah may delay His punishment.

I challenge those who claim to be khalifah if they know the basic teachings of Arabic. What do you know about Alif? Did you know that there are 28 volumes of kitab each with 1500 pages on alif alone? What does alif represent? Alif being the first letter in Allah comprises of 99 Names of Allah. What does ya represent? Ya is the first letter of the Prophet's name Yassin. Yaasin is the heart of Qur'an. Muhammad is the heart of Allah. How near Muhammad is to Allah! He is continuoulsy ascending to Allah. The whole knowledge is between alif and ya. Allah give an oath to Muhammad that 'you are My Messenger.' So everything in between heavenly knowledge beginning from alif dive into the ocean of Muhammad or Yassin.

Know that there are two kinds of dakwah: dakwatul haqq and dakwatul batil. The former calls you to Allah while the latter takes you to Iblis. Beware, you must not think that you are better than anyone else. Greatness is when you have humility, when you humble yourself, not when you exalt yourself.

Partial transcript of Shaykh Hisham's zohor sohbet in KL on 8th May 2010. Visit for video recording of his sohbet.

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