Sunday, May 2, 2010

Habib Ahmad al-Kaf touched many hearts


We were lucky to have Habib Ahmad touched our hearts yesterday. All of us who were gathered at KL Ba'alawi, shed tears of repentance. It is a common occurence at gatherings where Habib Ahmad speaks.

I was seated next to Hajjah Umi Kalthum, 70, who was absorbed in her note taking. You should see her notes. It was beautifully and neatly written, a striking contrast from mine. "I am old. I am just waiting to die," she whispered. Oh, but we are lucky to be here I said. Yes we were indeed blessed to be in the presence of Habib Ahmad al-Kaf; to be able to say Ameen to his heart-rending du'a - tearful du'a. Subhanallah.

In Indonesia, and now in Kuala Lumpur, he is well known for his special abilities to invoke remorse and tawba.
He made us repatedly recite
Astaghfirullah rabbal baraya
Astaghfirullah minal khotoya
while he said one meaningful du'a after another.

I wish I could re-write his du'a here but it will not do any justice to his spiritual aura. You know the saying, man lam yazuq lam yadri? He who does not taste, does not know!

May Allah keep inviting us to Heaven's garden on earth (majlis zikr/majlis ilm) and keep the company of the salehin and the areef. Ameen.

Dr Habib Ahmad bin Abdullah al-Kaf is the son of a renowned mu'aleem Habib Abdullah bin Ahmad al-Kaf who was highly respected in Mekah, Mesir and Hadramawt. Dr Habib Ahmad al-Kaf is one of 12 siblings who all grew up to become well known da'ie (preacher). He is an Al-Azhar graduate and a mureed of  Prof. Dr. Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki al-Hassani of Mekah. He has since 2003 led Pesantren Hikmatun Nur in East Jakarta, Indonesia.
(Biography extracted from al-Kisah magazine)

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