Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Know the secrets of the alphabets - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


We are all slaves, so all we can say is:
- labbaikallah humma labbaik
- sami'na wa atoqna
We cannot listen and disobey.

Everything that Allah has ma siwallah huwal mulku - He owns everything. We don't even own ourselves. If we own ourselves we can then live forever.

If you make mistakes out of ignorance, it is ok but if you are responsible you cannot afford to make mistakes. You have no choice but to go along with sharia. We are sheep, we don't know. Heaven and earth are in His hands.  But some people try to interfere in other people's lives. Prophet Daud, when he was thinking about his neighbor's wife, Allah sent angels to warn him. Allah disliked that. A husband is responsible for his wife and family, the neighbor is not.

There is nothing without a measure. Everything will be measured. Servants must always be in sajdah (prostration), in every second. Open your mouth and say Bismillah and exalt Allah. Bis means by it, with it. It is the key for you to open the Name of Allah. 

When you start writing the letter ba, you actually begin with an alif. Then you would draw alif horizontally, like alif in sajdah, then you end with a vertical alif. Ask people of the holy Qur'an about it. If you don't know, ask, don't pretend you know. Above every knower there is a knower. Who is the one who is always in sajadah? The Prophet s.a.w is. By him you would be able to enter into the divine presence. Allah from the alphabet alif give us knowledge, saying 'You cannot come to me without Muhammad. He is the door to me. If you are always in sajadah, I will let you enter my Jannah. I will give you hayyat when you enter Jannah. Alif ba ta tha jim ha all the 29 letters represent each day of the month. The first day is alif and so on. 

Know that the Naqshbandi shaykh fix your problem without you knowing it. All they want from you is that you learn about makrifatullah. So our duty is to sit with mashaikh and learn. Remove jealousy from your heart. Come to majlis zikr with a good intention. Our goal is the grave. Make it a good destination. Make friendship with everyone. Remove your anger. Anger cannot take you anywhere. O Muslims, remove anger from your heart. Get rid of donkey-ness. Get rid of ignorance. Grand Shaykh used to say, 'Our door is open from, east to west. Whoever enter cannot leave."  
From: Shaykh Hisham sohbet in KL on 9th May 2010
Visit sufilive for a video recording of his sohbet.

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