Friday, June 11, 2010

All His


O son, my spirit was willing but my body was way too weak to write anything today. I was driving 1,000 km north-bound and back in the last 48 hours. Alhamdulillah that He kept us safe. In a few hours time we'll hit the road again, this time south-bound. It will be worth it bi-iznillah as we are attending my best friend's wedding and we will be visiting a maqam of one distinguished habib and arifbillah, InshaAllah.

While being overwhelmed by lethargy I remembered one Malaysian on board Mavi Marmara - the aid ship bound for Gaza which was attacked by the Israelis commando. He said when the ship was raided, he was thrown on the floor face down along a small alley. The alley was a narrow passageway that his body became a human bridge for the heart-less commandos to trample upon.

He said, (I believe he is a man of tawhid, an arifbillah):
"I loathed them (the Isrealis) for what they were doing to us but as I was being trampled upon I thought those feet, that seemed to purposely stepped on my back harshly, all belong to Allah. My body belongs to Allah. The moment I thought of that, miraculously, Alhamdulillah, I did not feel any pain at all! When I was home last night sleeping in my comfortable bed, I played back in my mind those harrowing moments, still I don't feel my body aching, not then, not now!" SubhanAllah!

May Allah make us understand and internalize what our gurus have cautioned us about ananiyah (the I-ness) and about the importance of self-effacement. May Allah make us truly understand, that victory is with Allah alone.

Pic credit: Mohamed Ibrahim on 'Victory from Allah'

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