Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bakhour on my mind


O son, Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah! I just got home from 'heaven's garden on earth' - majlis ta'lim at KL Ba'alawi. Tonight (5th June 2010), I rejoiced at meeting one qurrata a'yun. I will say, he is the apple of my eye, the voice that soothes my heart, the fragrant of ahlul bayt, Habib Yusuf Bakhour al-Hassani - the bakhour that's on my mind tonight. I think I speak for many when I said all that. Pardon me for this outpouring of affection. He was the first habib I had met in person several years ago and he never left my heart.

I promise I will share with you his words of wisdom later, but for now I just want to say Alhamdulillah that Habib Yusuf had addressed the audience tonight as ayyuhal ahbab!

Oh...how generous of him! How blessed we are! Such kind words from one esteemed personality. Not that I am flattered, I am just grateful, it is a precious du'a coming from him - ayyuhal ahbab (O beloved one) he said - people whom Allah loves. Ameen!

Thank you ya Sayyidi, ya Habib!
Love you, for the sake of Allah and Rasul!

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