Friday, June 18, 2010

Fly high


Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi said in Fihi ma Fihi:
Cry out to God: "O Lord, other than this travelling and turning of mine, give me another spritual turning since all needs are met by you and your generosity and mercy are common to all existing things."

Petition Him every moment for your needs and be not without remembrance of Him, for the remembrance of Him is strength; it is a wing to the bird of the spirit. If that goal is fully attained, it will be light upon light.

If you are mindful of God, little by little your interior will be illuminated and you will attain release from the world. If a bird tries to fly to heaven, it may never reach it but it still gets farther from the earth every moment and flies higher than other birds.

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O son, we always lament about the prison of life. We want to get away from it all. Rumi is saying we can be freed from the trappings of the world by remembering Him, by asking from Him, by making petitions to Him all the time and getting the strength from Him. Let's all fly away from the earth. Fly high! With His strength, to His Presence.

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