Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Muhammad on Uhud


Habib Yusuf al-Bakhour al-Hassani said to the jemaah at KL Ba'alawi last night (5th June 2010):
"Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said, 'I love Uhud and Uhud loves me.' By the grace of Allah, we saw the manifestation of this statement not too long ago when a group of non-Muslim researcher made a significant discovery. For as far wide as 7 km, the letters mim-ha-mim-dal were seen written on the top of that blessed mountain - Jabal Uhud. Such discovery proved what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had claimed a long time ago and sealed the love that inanimate beings have always had towards Rasulullah s.a.w.

Zukakul hajar was one stone which gave salam to the Prophet. We have also learned from sirah Rasul that animals too gave salam to the Prophet and the Jinn embraced Islam for the sake of the Prophet. But today, people are too busy with dunya to be thinking of him and making salawat. People are wasting time on idle talk causing disputes among ourselves. That is what happens when dunya has entered our hearts!"

Pictures courtesy of Habib Yusuf Bakhour al-Hassani

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  1. Salam Alaykum , Jazak Allah khair for the post.