Thursday, July 22, 2010

A boy and a prayer


O son, I wish you could follow in the footsteps of this one young man I know. He is well educated. He lives in an ultra modern environment. Yet, you would find many youth his age to be unlike him. He belongs with a tariqa. Tasbih is his companion. He loves dressing up like a pious Muslim. He is always excited about wearing taj, turban, Naqshbandi vest and trousers the sunnah way. He is polite in his speech and well mannered. He likes to visit maqam and he goes to majlis ilm regularly. 

I find it hard to believe that there is a respectable youth like him who seems to be unaffected by the attractions of the city where he lives. But most of all, I am touched that he remembers to make du'a for me whenever he visits Maqam Habib Nuh in Singapore. The prayers below is from him. He saw it on the notice board at the maqam and thought of sharing it. He is one sweet boy who soothes my heart. May he remains blessed the way he is.

Prayers when visiting maqam
سلام الله يا سادة
من الرحمن يغشاكم
عباد الله جئناكم
قصدناكم طلبناكم
يعينون يغيثون
بهمتكم و جدواكم
فاحبون واعطونا
عطاياكم هداياكم
فلا خيبتمو ظني
فحاشاكم و حاشاكم
سعدنا إذا آتيناكم
و فزنا حين زرناكم
فقوموا و اشفعوا فينا
الى الرحمن مولاكم
عسى نحظى عسى نعطى
مزايامن مزاياكم
عسى نظرة عسى رحمة
تغشانا و تغشاكم
سلام الله حياكم
و عين الله ترعاكم
و صلى الله مولانا
و سلم ما اتيناكم
على المختار شافعنا
و منقذنا و اياكم