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Tausiyah by Habib Tohir bin Muhammad al-Haddar


O son, O son, O son...what a blessing! You know I was supposed to be gone from this town by this time but here I am. Oh there I was at that heavenly garden KL Ba'alawi. Tonight, Habib Tohir al-Haddar, in the house, ladies and gentlemen!

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for the invite.

He is the son of the venerable Habib Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Haddar. He is the brother in law of Habib Umar and Habib Zain. Need I say more? But I must admit that that was the first time I have heard of his name and seen his holy face. MashaAllah tabarakallah.

Habib Tohir  began the tausiyah by praising Rasulullah s.a.w with the best compliments which Allah has honored him with. He said phrases of hamdalah, gratitute for Allah who has made perfect our goodness.

"Congratulations that you have been chosen to be present here tonight! Know that Allah honors one who loves Rasulullah for he is His most beloved servant. Allah multiplies for one who makes one salawat for the Prophet, ten times more. Between one who worships Him for 10 years and one who makes salawat for a year, the latter has an advantage because his salawat get multiplied as though he was doing salawat for 10 years. Therefore, a smart person would choose to do salawat. This is a great blessing indeed for Prophet Muhammad's followers. Sayyidina Ali said: 'If I were not afraid of the Qur'an, I will occupy myself with salawat all my life.'

Ka'ab asked the Prophet. 'Ya Rasulullah, what portion of my life should be spent on making salawat? Is it a quarter, one half or two third?' Rasulullah replied: 'Well and good but it would be better if you dedicated your entire life to making salawat'. Salawat would remove your sorrows and become a means for forgiveness from Allah s.w.t. We spend our day thinking about so many problems and making all sorts of transgressions. Be one who has a peaceful mind by doing salawat. No matter how little you do, it would be beneficial. Allah will send angels to listen to your salawat. It would make us become near to Allah. Allah answers your salawat by causing His mercy to descend upon anyone who remembers His beloved Prophet.

Your salawat will function as a door through which you come to the presence of Allah. He will grant you atho' khabir - a great gift. If you do not practise salawat, He will give you shagi. Poverty or hardships will befall you. Anyone who recites salawat will be guaranteed blessings by Allah. Anyone who does not recite willl get shagi - difficulties.

It was narrated that Jibril came to see the Prophet saying 'Anyone who does not make salawat upon hearing your name being mentioned, Allah will not grant mercy to him.' To which Rasulullah s.a.w said 'Amin!' For anyone wishing for pardon and maqbul in their du'a, there is no option but to make salawat.

Habib Tohir said: O you present, recite salawat and you will meet Rasulullah s.a.w. Due to the salawat that we make, Allah will never humiliate us. In fact, salawat is the marqabul amal a place where our worship (ibadah) gets presented to Allah s.w.t. Salawat is able to switch one's fate from su'ul khatimah (bad ending) to husnul khatimah (good ending). Each and every thing that exists, all makhluk (creations) likes/favors one who makes salawat.

There was a story about a man who wanted to pray but found no water around so he opted to perform tayammum. He then saw a woman passed by. He asked her if she had prayed. The woman said, 'Yes, although there is no water, somehow I managed to get some on account of my tawassul on the salawat that I have been making.'

With salawat, Allah will ease whatever complicated tasks and fulfill every petitions. The angels will be able to smell the fragrance of a majlis where people recite salawat. Our majlis tonight emits such beautiful fragrant. Indeed you are very lucky to be present here tonight. Congratulations! We are in the presence of alim ulama. The elderlies from the Prophet's family (habaib) are here too. May this moment becomes a moment which Allah likes most (redha) and becomes a reason for us to meet Rasulullah s.a.w. InshaAllah.

Let's say we live for up to 60 years. We typically spend one third of our life sleeping, one third spent during youth or adulthood and the balance spent on working, chatting etc. Imagine if we were to spend one third of our life making salawat, that act would be very significant to Allah. In this world we live in, there are angels who make salawat. Don't you want to join with them? Don't you want to receive khamil khabir - a great news from Allah?

We all know the value of salawat, that Allah multiplies its blesssings from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000. If someone were to offer you 10 US dollar and 10 salawat, which one would you choose? If you truly and sincerely are a lover of Allah and Rasulullah you would surely choose the 10 salawat. Money is only useful in dunya but salawat will be good for you both in dunya and akhirah. If you chose 10 salawat, surely you will get robeh (profit) and sa'id (tranquility).

One sahabah asked the Prophet: 'Ya Rasulullah, who is the closest to you?' Nabi replied: 'The one who makes the most salawat.' O people, we are now in the month of Shaaban. In this blessed month this ayah was revealed: Innallaha wamala ika tahu yu salluna alan Nabi ya ayyuhal lazina amanu sallu alaihi wa sallimu taslima. "Surely Allah, along with His angels, showers blessings upon Prophet Muhammad. Oh Believers! Send blessings upon him and salute him with honor. (Order of Almighty) (Quran 33:56).  

Sahabah are in agreement that this ayah is a great mercy because there is no other kind of ibadah that is more significant than salawat since Allah himself does it!

O people, our time is limited (mahdudah). Allah gives us nafas (breath) and life. The means through which we could lengthen the time alloted is by way of making salawat. Salawat can make us live longer bi-iznillah

Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa barik wa karim ala habibikal mahbuba Muhammad....
Habib Tohir bin Muhammad al-Haddar concluded his tausiyah with a lengthy salawat and du'a.

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