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Honoring the Beloved of Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we were at a majlis loved by Rasulullah s.a.w, organised by KL Ba'alawi last night. The majlis was held to mark the auspicious event of Isra' Mi'raj with Sayyid Ahmad al-Hadi al-Tijani al-Maghribi as guest of honor. As-Sayyid gave a tausiyah on Kitab Shamail, a study of which is believed to open door to meeting Rasulullah s.a.w in person. 

At the outset of the majlis, one articulate mu'aleem gave an opening remark on the virtues of Isra' Mi'raj. He said:

We are now in a special month, a month that is honored by Allah - the month of Rejab. The highlight of this holy month is of course the event of Isra' & Mi'raj which symbolizes the relationship between Allah and His servant. The event is not meant to show the greatness of  creation. The Creator meant to show to Nabi, His beloved, His chosen servant, the perfection of His qudrat & iradat (strength & will). It was meant to display His kamilat (perfection). The Qur'anic verse Surah al-Isra began with lafaz taqdis (statement of glorification) - Subhanallazi. The extraordinary meeting was not requested by the Prophet, it was neither a show of his power nor a plan of his own. It was an invitation from Robbul Jalal, from God who is Most-Rich, the Holy One. The event took place at a time when the Prophet was feeling despondent, whereupon Allah addressed to him (in haqiqah terms/not literally):
'O Muhammad do not despair, do not be sad, do not constrict your chest though they have rejected you. Your enemies are veiled. You have a God who watches over your every moves; a God who is ever so gentle on you and love you. Come to alam qursiyah (a world on the high realm), come witness your God's grandeur; experience His qudrat (strength) and iradat (will-power); come witness you God's Jamal (Beauty) and Jalal (Greatness).'

If Allah wished to destroy the Prophet's enemies, He could but He chose to invite him to His presence instead. Surely, those who went against the Prophet s.a.w had no clue of his realities. He was a yatim, an orphan. Who is Muhammad?

Allah heard Adam muttered words of praise for Muhammad, to which He inquired: "What are you saying O Adam? Do you know who Muhammad is?  Do you believe he is a wasitah (means) through whom I would grant pardon?" [Adam had just committed a sin then, so he was making petition to God for forgiveness for the sake of Prophet Muhammad.]

Adam replied:
"O Allah, You have placed within me ruhhul quddus (holy spirit). As the ruh entered my eyes, my brain and every part of my body, I walked to each corner of the heavens and I saw two kalimah written everywhere:
Ash hadu an la ilaha illAllah.
Wa ash hadu an na Muhammadar Rasulullah."

"I went to Arash, I saw the kalimah. I saw the same at Sidratul Muntaha. The name Muhammad was written on every tree branch, leaves, flowers, fruits, everywhere. O Allah, when you let me entered your Heavens, I saw on the necks of the houri, the shahadah. I saw the kalimah Ashhadu an na Muhammadar Rasulullah engraved on all the doors of the heavenly castles. It dawned upon me, Muhammad has got to be someone special to You. He has got to be one You love! Muhammad must be a 'somebody', a special creation, or else You would not place his name next to Yours, O Lord. Therefore, for the sake of the one You love and honor, for the sake of Muhammad, please forgive me and lift my sorrow."

"O Adam, what you said is all true. I swear with my essence that I have not created anything, be it heavens, arash, the houri, the heavenly castles, the skies, angels, man.... if not for my beloved Muhammad. Had you not accepted him, your sins will not be pardoned. Verily, everything that is in existent owes its existence to Muhammad and I have created Muhammad for my own sake."

Adam, the first creation knew who Muhammad was even before his manifestation. Because of His love for Muhammad, Allah has delayed (ta'akhir) His punishment to the transgressors. If not for Muhammad, He could have withheld His mercies to many of us. Yet we see sinners being granted food and all sorts of blessings. He is Al-Qahhar, He is Al-Jalal so He could reprimand us anytime. But: Wama arsalna ka illa rahmatan lil 'alamin. Muhammad is the source of mercy to all.

The Prophet once asked Jibreel, "Do you not feel the benefits of my existence, O Jibreel?" "Yes I do", replied Jibreel. Archangel Jibreel was the intermediary between Allah and the Prophet, yet he needed Muhammad's blessings too.

May we have only one intention for our gathering here tonight - that is to heighten our love for the Prophet s.a.w. May with his blessings, Allah will show us what is bathil and what is haq and give us the strength to follow what is right and leave what is not.

O Allah, we are your servants, who are always seeking ma'rifat, seeking the truth and seeking your love. Make the challenges that we face as an opening for us to know you better. Grant us mukashafah (unveiling) so that we could meet Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, so that we could see his noble face. May on the Day of Resurrection, You raise us with Your beloved prophet.

O people, let me post this question to you now.
Who do you love?
Say O people, say:
'The one I love most is Rasulullah s.a.w!'

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