Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking & Ascending


I wish all of you a quiet and peaceful time to reflect on Isra' Mi'raj.

We wander about on this physical plane in search of the Truth, hoping to know Him better, hoping to be a more devoted servant, hoping to be closer to our Creator. And as we walk, we cannot be certain if it is all the time on the Straight Path as sometimes we got an unxpected detour or got derailed due to our weaknesses. That is our 'Isra' so to speak. May He take us by His Hand and guide us to Him.

A mi'raj remains a lofty idea for unequipped and unworthy travelers like us. Walk we can but to ascend to His presence? Our gurus said, 'He invites to His divine presence whom He wills.'  Then again, Shaykh Ibn Athaillah said we should not despair. We should not look at what we could offer Him, for a creation is limited in every sense of the word. Instead, we should look at what could come from Him - His richness and endless bounties. 
"Do you not see that while He grants gnosis of Himself to you, you have only deeds to offer Him? What He brings you -What you bring Him - What a difference there is between them!"

La maqsood illAllah
None is our goal except Allah.
Li wajhillah.

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