Tuesday, August 24, 2010

14th Ramadhan 1431 Hijri


Imagine how things were when you were 6
Imagine something made you stop laughing
Imagine 6 million children
cold, wet and hungry
under Pakistan gloomy skies

Imagine the time when you first started fasting
Spent the day rolling in bed
told mom what you wished to eat
Daddy came home with candies and lollies

Imagine 6 million children fasting
from dawn to sunset to dusk to sunrise
for days on end
Do you not hear their cries?
Do you not care?
When you scoop your rice
have a feast at iftar
Remember Begum, Zia and Khan
Say a prayer, shed a tear

Allah humma anta laha walau azomat
fa farijha anna bi fadhli

"O Allah, lift the heavy burdens from us
by the virtues of Bismilahirahmanirahim"
For the sake of your beloved Mustafa
Ya Latif, Ya Rahim, Ya Aman
restore Pakistan!

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