Sunday, August 29, 2010

19th Ramadhan 1431 Hijri


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, I have just landed on "The land beneath the wind" - Sabah.  It was a blissful flight into the sunset, I will tell you why.

Travelling regardless by air, road or sea is always wonderful because you get plenty of time to reflect. Remember tafakur (contemplation) carries more weight than worship. Like many of you, I love to fly. Firstly, because it gives you a sense of freedom - free like a bird. Secondly, it makes me feel closer to the Lord of Power and it makes me feel grateful. Reason being, one of my gurus taught me, whenever you get on the plane be sure to recognize the experience as though Allah is carrying you in His 'palm'. He is Al-Qadir who is capable to transport us from one place to another. It is He who carries us. See beyond the aircraft said my guru.

I think my guru is right (as always). I remember one verse from the Qur'an which I am fond of. Everytime I see the birds fly I would remember the verse: 'Do they not see the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them in? None upholds them except the Most Gracious (Allah). Verily He is the All-Seer of everything.' (Qur'an 67:19) Likewise, the aeroplane. Nothing upholds them in the sky save Allah. Subhanallah!
Thirdly, my flight was blissful because I sat next to one pious young lady. She is special. I will tell you why. But she is like many people I met who often asked me if I was a Malaysian, as though I was a foreigner. By Allah, I am proud to be Malaysian. Alhamdulillah. It's such a joy to be living in a good Muslim country. The flight's captain was a Muslim - Captain Faizal. Ten minutes before Iftar, he made an announcement to alert everyone and that meals were being served. All was good, main course, fruit cakes and Ferrero Rocher! Did you know that the code for Malaysian Airlines is MH and the tagline is Malaysian Hospitality. I am one proud Malaysian.

Now coming back to that pious young lady. I was attracted to her eye-catching pink pocket Qur'an. She had so many colorful stickers on so many pages so I asked her what it was all about. She said she has been studying the Qur'an in that manner for two years now. She would stick little transparent stickers on the ayah or translation that she likes, usually the ones that motivate her. So when she is not reading the Qur'an cover to cover she would flip it and read those she had marked. I was impressed and told her that I would get one Qur'an like hers - pink pocket Qur'an with dozens of stickers. I thought it's an effective way to study the Qur'an as you carry it with you most of the time. Apparently, she is studying to be a teacher at one Teacher's Institute in KL. Grateful, I gave her a bar of chocolate for having taught me how to study the Qur'an. She's already a good teacher, I could tell and she is half my age! Surprised and thankful, she gave me a cute little Al-Matsurat compiled by Hassan al-Banna. Allahu Allah! How sweet! And guess what, her name is Nur Aini - the light of  my eye! MashaAllah tabarakallah!

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