Sunday, August 15, 2010

5th Ramadhan 1431 Hijri


Allahu Allah. I was touched to have received a beautiful note from one brother in faith, from Africa. Viva Africa! May Allah bless all the children on your continent! Your message has inspired me to share one du'a I learned from one Indonesian murid of Abuya Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki rahimallahu ta'ala. Something for you to teach your children. I am not sure if I had shared this on Lisan al-Din before. It is one du'a I treasure and practise InshaAllah. According to the murid, the du'a is attributed to Prophet Adam a.s. and Abuya had given him the ijazah to spread the du'a to anyone and everyone bi-iznillah. Abuya said: "With this du'a, you need not tire yourself running after world. The world will come to you!"

Allah humma anta taqlamu sirri
wa 'ala niyyati
faq bal maqzirati
wa taqlamu hajati
fa aqtini suqli
wa taqlamu ma fi nafsi
faq firli zanbi
wa as aluka imaanan yubasshiru qalbi
wa yaqinan sadiqan
hatta aqlama annahu la yusibani
illa ma katab tahu alaiya
wa ridho bima qasam tali

"O Allah, you know my secrets
and that which is manifest in me
so accept my apologies.
You know my wishes,
so grant my petition.
You know what is within me,
so forgive my sins.
I ask you for a faith that will revive my heart
and a firm conviction
so I realize that nothing will befall me
save what You have prescribed for me.
And a feeling of satisfaction with what You have allotted to me."

As-Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki wrote in his book Abwab al-Faraj: "From al-Tabrani in Ausat; it was narrated from A'isyah r.a. that Rasulullah s.a.w said: 'When Allah made Adam descend on earth, Adam stood and walked towards the Ka'bah to perform two rakaat of prayers. Allah then inspired this du'a and addressed Adam: 'O Adam, I acknowledge your repentance and pardon all your sins. Anyone who recites this du'a shall be forgiven. I shall make his work perfect, and chase Shaytan away from him; I shall grant profit to all his business endeavors and dunya would come to him [offering itself] disgraced, though he may not desire for it."

(Quoted and translated from a Malay version of  Abwab al-Faraj published by another murid of Abuya, Shaykh Muhammad Fuad bin Kamaludin al-Maliki. Credit: Brother Azrul)

Brother R: Please give me some time to go back to my hometown and scan the original du'a with ijazah so I could pass it to you InshaAllah. In the meantime please consult your imam. When I read that he is also a murid of Abuya, I got goosebumps! Please kindly ask the imam to make du'a for me. Please tell him that I am weak in many areas. Thank you and may your children grow up to be soleh and solehah. Ameen.


  1. assalamualaikum my righteous sister in islam,

    Allow me to share what Abuya writes about this dua, from his book 'Abwab al-Faraj',translated by Shaykh Muhammad Fuad bin Kamaludin al-Maliki:

    Dikeluarkan oleh al Tabrani di dalam Ausat daripada 'Aisyah RA yang meriwayatkan daripada Nabi saw. bersabda: "Tatkala Allah menurunkan Adam ke bumi, Adam berdiri dan pergi ke Ka'bah lalu dia menunaikan solat dua rakaat. Maka Allah mengilhamkan doa ini: (the doa)

    Maka Allah swt pun mewahyukan kepadanya: "Wahai Adam! Aku telah menerima taubatmu dan mengampunkan dosa-dosamu. Tidak akan berdoa seorang pun dengan doa ini melainkan Aku akan mengampunkannya, Aku cukupkan perkara yang penting dari urusannya,Aku halau syaitan darinya, Aku kurniakan kepadanya keuntungan setiap yang berniaga dan dunia akan menghadapnya dalam keadaan hina, meskipun dia tidak menginginkannya"


  2. Wa'alaykumsalam warahmatullah,
    Dear brother Azrul,
    Thank you very much for sharing! I greatly appreciate it. Please kindly check my transliteration, I'm afraid I got the last few lines of the doa mixed up. I'll try to translate the hadith. InshaAllah.
    By the way, I felt uncomfortable and shameful that people addressed me as 'righteous'. I don't deserve it at all. I am full of sins. Ilahi kam 'asika wa anta tas turuni. O Lord I am one who transgress, yet You cover up my shortcomings.

    May you remain blessed Azrul, with sakinah and ma'rifah.


  3. Dear Ezza

    Shukran, Shukran, Shukran. Inshallah I will practise the doa with my family.

    Some advice i would like to share with you which i heard from As-Sayid Muhammad ibn Yahya an Ninowy during his recent visit to Cape Town. As-Sayyid Muhammad asked Allah to forgive him for the beautiful words used by the local shuyukh when they gave a summary of his life in their opening address. What followed was even more beautiful when the Shaykh replied saying that "beauty" is only seen by those who themselves possess this quality. What an awesome moment it was filled with humility,respect and love.

    Also a Shaykh once advised us to ask Allah to make use better than that what people say we are. When this happens I usually make this dua (in my heart) as a protection against my nafs and so that i may not be held accountable for what people say.

    We are all weak and in need of each others duas on this path towards him.

    Shukran once again.

    Was salaam

    Brother R

  4. Salam,

    Ayat terakhir,

    'wa ridham bimaa qasamta li'
    dan aku redho atas apa yang telah Engkau agihkan/anugerahkan kepadaku.


  5. Brother R,

    Yes, noted, thanks for the good advice. I shall remember to make du'a upon receiving compliments. InshaAllah.

    Kind thoughts and prayers,