Monday, August 2, 2010

My guru is mine


O son, today's entry is gonna be pretty laid-back. I've had a rough day at work. When the going gets tough I go beserk, I sang my school song! Everything seemed so dark until the phone rang. It was my beloved Ustaz Shamsul. He called to inform that his new book is out and that he's having mawlid at his place tonight. Allahu Allah I could not say no, could I?

It goes without saying that the mawlid lifted my pains. But the best part was when I learned that I was one of the earliest persons he had called when his new books arrived. BIG GRIN! My guru is mine!

But we know that one of the traits of Rasulullah s.a.w was that he was able to make each one of his companion felt like he's the most special one. I think gurus are like that too. And you will know if I was on the phone with my ustaz or my late father if all I said was yes, yes, right, yes! This is another trait we learned from the Prophet s.a.w - sami'na wa atoq na - we listen and we obey. much as possible. InshaAllah. I think you would agree with me that it's so much easier to love them than do all the things they ask you to do.

May Allah makes us benefit from our guides and follow in their footsteps.
 Pic credit: Haqqani Fellowship


  1. Hi Kak, I like your pic because when I was in Turkey, I bought 3 of those red turbans! :)

    -Mas Taj-

  2. Salam Mas Taj,
    Yes I liked the pic the first time I saw it on Haqqani Fellowship.
    Young man! You and your taj/turban shopping!
    I am yet to check out your photos from Turkey.

    Stay cute!

    Kak Ezza