Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Burn our hearts (if you dare!)


O son, nobody likes a stale idea. Like the joker who wanted to burn the Qur'an, he sure has a rotten mind. Doesn't he know that the Qur'an is embedded in the breast of millions of Muslims? He may destroy a million copies, so what? Come burn our hearts! And he might as well burn up the world because the universe is in fact a Qur'an too, His words, ayah (signs) are everywhere. So go ahead light the fire!

A respected friend urged that I took a break while being home in this island in the sun. He said:
"You have walked your miles; many miles
Even in many pouring rains
Even when the sun comes back
We understood your messages
In their simplicity, in their honesty..."
Thanks Prof for the kind thoughts and wishes. You have no idea how much I appreciate your views, they are always fresh and inspiring.

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