Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eight is enough


What is a typical 1st Shawal for me? For the past ten years since I live in my present home in Penang this is how it has been. Morning after subuh is like madness in the kitchen, getting all the dishes ready before going to the masjid for Eid prayers. After the morning ritual and back at home, it's time to be mushy when the young asks for forgiveness from the old, followed by big smiles when the old gives some cash-gifts to the young. Then we'll have a big breakfast together. Then my sister would leave for her in-law's and the house would be quiet for just about 15 minutes before the neighborhood's children drop by in batches for several hours until late afternoon. On average there would be 100 to 150 kids swinging by to collect "Eid-money" (literally in Malay duit raya). Most of them refused to come in for a drink because that's not what they are after. 

Today, it started to rain around noon so a party of eight asked if they could stop by and have some food. "Of course," I said, "all are welcome but many of you are reluctant," I said half complaining. So they came in and made themselves comfortable, too comfortable I guess that they asked me if I would adopt them! One of the elder girls said, "You've treated us well, so please there's no need to give us any money. Actually all we want is attention." Ohhh! And then another girl said, "Yes, she is right, can we come by again on 3rd Shawal at 1 pm?"

Hah hah hah, what would you have said to them? In any case, may Allah make our hearts as innocent and truthful as little children.

My "children". I think 8 is enough!


  1. May the light of Eid be upon you!
    Yes children are God's gifts surely. They are beautiful.