Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning how to love


Unfaithful lover,
that's what I have been.
He has been giving so much
yet my eyes wander elsewhere,
the heart seeks another partner,
desiring for more and better.
In the end, the One loyal lover remains
when no one seems to care,
when others break promises,
He is still there,
waiting to give more,
lets me breathe,
appease my hunger,
accepting my flaws.
How many times more will I be unfaithful
to the One I should be thanking and loving?
Maybe I should learn how to love the right way
so I could finally
seal my belief and sign
'Yours faithfully'.

"The lover of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) is he who forgets his own self, remains engaged in Allah's remembrance with due regard to all its requirements; sees Allah with the eyes of his heart, which is burnt by the heat of Allah's fear; Allah's remembrance affects him like a cup of wine, he speaks the word of Allah as if All-Mighty Allah speaks through his mouth; if he moves, he does so under the command of Allah; he gets peace of mind only through the obedience of Allah; and when such a stage is reached, his eating, drinking, sleeping, awakening and, in short, all his actions are for the pleasure of Allah; he neither pays heed to the worldly customs, nor does he attach any importance to unfriendly criticism by people."
- Junaid Baghdadi

O Allah,
teach us how to forget ourselves
and remember You instead,
and love You the right way 
"The way of those
on whom
You have bestowed Your Grace." 


  1. Salam Ezza, i luv this so much....i cant wait to get reply from you....i copy paste this and put it in my notes.....

    Kak Mastura

  2. Salam my dearest Kak Mastura,

    I wanna hug you, big hug, cos you are so loveable and because I need a hug.
    You are the reason why it's worth expressing myself even when I am down and weak. You know I have been crying a lot before I wrote this, my mind was clouded bla bla bla and you took it all away!

    Thank you Allah for beautiful friends like you.

    See u soon! InshaAllah

  3. This is beautiful!

    Even if you have broken your vows 1000 times, you should feel the invitation to return.

    Regards, and lots of love always,
    R x

  4. Sweety R,

    What you said is profound, "Even if you have broken your vows 1000 times, you should feel the invitation to return."

    It's important and a blessing to have supportive people around when you are down.


  5. I, and we (I am speaking on the behalf of your other visitors) are always here for you, with you, and and by you. Our words are but a fleeting moment, but there is no other way to express our joy in your amazing ability to say how you feel, and that to so wonderfully and eloquently. Go easy on yourself, the answer is within you. Tell yourself "Oh patience, have patience".

    Its a difficult time, but Allah swt is with the Sabiroon and as you have mentioned before "This too will pass", be preoccuppied by nothing else but Him, verily in the rememberance of Allah do hearts find rest.

    I feel in turmoil, I have not repented enough, I feel like Rabia my repentence is in need of repentence. Its a sorry state of affairs.


  6. Salam Ezza...

    Here you are 'A VERY BIG HUG FROM ME'

    I considered myself as an Unfaithful lover shows when i pray my mind is somewhere else...that's unfaithful....Allahu Allah May Allah forgive me.....

    InsyaAllah we see each other soon....

    Missed you
    Kak Mastura