Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Make us guides and guided" - The Prophet's prayers


Ata' bin as-Sai'b related that his father told him, "Ammar bin Yassir led us in the prayer one time and made it very short. I remarked, 'You have been short in the prayer, Abul Yaqzan,' He answered, 'There is no fault in this because I offered God a supplication I heard from the Messenger s.a.w." 

"O God,
by Your knowledge of the unseen
and by Your power over all creation,
give me life so long as long as You know
that life holds goodness for me
and end my life when You know
that death holds goodness for me.
O God,
I ask You that I may be fearful of You
in all matters, known and unknown.
I ask You for [the ability to speak] just words
when I am pleased and when I am angry.
I ask You for moderation in wealth and in poverty.
I ask You for unending tranquility and happiness.
I ask You for contentment
with whatever is determined for me [in this world],
and I ask You for a blessed life after death.
I ask to be able to gaze upon Your sublime countenance.
I ask You for longing to meet You
without coming to harm or [being prey to]
delusive temptations.
O God, adorn us with the beauty of faith.
O God, make us [both] guides and guided."
Quoted from: 'Principles of Sufism' by al-Qushayri 


  1. Thank you so much sister. May Allah reward you with much goodness. This is a really beautiful supplication. I love your blog. True to the Arabic saying: "What comes from the lips reaches the ears, what comes from the heart touches the heart.

    Allah bless you always,

  2. Salam dear Hidzir,

    Thank you for your kind words and du'a.
    I found the Prophet's supplication by chance (or rather by His grace). Alhamdulillah.
    I thought it's common knowledge but posted it anyway for easy reference.
    You are right, it's absolutely beautiful.

    May you remain blessed too.