Friday, September 24, 2010

On Sustenance & Surrender


Astaghfirullahal-Azim, so what are we afraid of?  What is it about aging that we are afraid of? Sustenance? Well Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani said in Jila' al-Khatir (Purification of the Mind):
"Sustenances are in the hand of Allah: the sustenance of the bodies, the sustenance of the hearts and the sustenance of the innermost beings. So request them from Him, not from someone else. The sustenance of the bodies is food and drink; the sustenance of the heart is the belief in the oneness of Allah; and the sustenance of the innermost beings is the private remembrance of Allah."

And Allah Exalted is He said: "And remember Allah much so that you may be successful."

Still, we are not trusting Him enough that we think we must do something about how things should unfold, that we should participate in the management of our affairs, how we age, that we should control our lives to a certain extent.

Al-Jilani said:
"O young man, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam, and the reality of Islam is surrender! You have to achieve Islam first and then fulfill surrender. Purify your outwards through Islam and purify your inward through surrender. Surrender yourselves to your Lord and be satisfied with His management of your affairs. Give up your will and accept the destiny that your Lord has decreed. Consider all that which destiny brings as acceptable to you. Your Lord knows you better than you know yourselves. Accept His words with certitude. Receive His commandments and prohibitions with total acceptance. Receive His religion with all of your hearts and make it your outer cover. Take full advantage of your lives before the advent of 'a day from Allah which cannot be turned back' (Quran 30:43) which is the Day of Resurrection."

Twenty, 30, 40, 54 or 90, all will return to Rahmatullah and all will be accounted for in the Hereafter because we are servants and He is Master.

Translator Credit: Jila' al-Khatir/Purification of the Mind - Al Dargazelli and Fatoohi. 
p/s Thanks Kak Mastura & Sister R for your love, understanding and words of encouragement. Love you too!

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