Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you Allah for my mother


Thank you Allah for my mother
Who brought me to this world
Taught me how to be strong
Prays so I prosper
My loyal and loving companion for four decades already
One who is bright and witty
Who cooks for me even in her 70s
The shield around my heart and mind
So no ugly words can bring me down

She taught me how to say no
So I know when to make a stand
She taught me how to love
By showing her affection so grand

We had stood on Uhud together
Walked the Safa and Marwah hand in hand
Prayed at Raudhah,
shared many laughter
and love the same man,
my dearest father

O Allah
My witness is the Kaabah
that we shall stand by each other
till the Hereafter!

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