Monday, September 20, 2010

The wrath of Indus


Oh Ya Majid
The Indus once streamed languid
Life was fine
Then You awakened its water
and they drifted asunder

Oh Ya Allah,
You showed your Jalal
while we weren't looking
In the blink of an eye
they lost it all

Oh Ya Rahman
You make them hungry beyond Ramadhan
while some of us feast to our heart's content

Last night I saw them from afar
from the comfort of my sofa
Others brought basins and bowls
queued for food
but two little boys...
had rice scooped onto their kurta!

Oh Ya Ghaffur
forgive me
for I ate from Christopher Stuart plates
forgive me
Oh Ya Afuw
for my Eid was elaborate
while many are desperate

Oh Ya Allah
by the virtues of your gentle Names
lift their pains
lift their pains!

Our love and du'a for the hungry and displaced Pakistan flood victims.
We entrust your affairs to Allah Al-Wakil.
InshaAllah all will be fine again.


  1. Salam Ezza,
    My eye filled with tears when i read this, yes indeed we eat and eat when there are others who hv nothing to eat.....

    Kak Mastura

  2. Salam kak Mastura,

    I saw a program on TV (Majalah 3)showing the flood victims. You imagine everyone had their bowls, queueing for rice but two boys simply asked the volunteer to put the rice on the shirts/kurta they were wearing! I don't know how to describe the scene, it's heart-breaking! I tried looking for the picture on internet but couldn't find it.

    You are right, all we do is eat and eat.
    Shame on us.