Saturday, October 2, 2010

Consult your own heart


O son, you may consult a pious man for guidance when you are faced with a dilemma whether to do or not do something. But at the end of the day, you should consult your heart because it will never lie. If the thing that you are contemplating is in fact evil, you would surely feel uneasy in your breast and you cannot hide or deny it. And if you were fortunate to have a guru/murshid, he would surely send you a sign as what I have experienced recently. The dream was vivid, a woman I trusted appeared as a messenger of the advice from our guide - that he sent warning that I should not do what I was considering to do. Subhanallah! May Allah keep us connected with the awliya and mashaikh for we are in need of guidance to steer clear from evil.

I am speaking from experience and my speech is directed towards the youth among you especially the ladies. Because there will be men who would lure you to do the munkar (forbidden).

Shaykh Abd al-Mahmud al-Hayfan said:
"Avoid, my beloved, the torments and desires of the heart. If your heart is tormented by desire for something, leave that thing, however tempting, because evil is that which makes one uneasy in his breast and that which one does not like others to know of. One should be more modest with Allah than with men. So do not do something in secrecy that you would disdain from doing before people."

p/s Do not accept anyone who does not accept your guide because your guide only want all that is good for you. Whereas, the opportunist among men only seek pleasures out of you! May Allah protect us and our daughters. Here's a du'a I picked up from watching TV yesterday.
"O Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil of what I hear, from the evil of what I see, from the evil of what I speak, from the evil of what I think, and from the evil of my semen (sexual passion)." - a du'a taught by the Prophet to a sahabi.

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