Monday, October 4, 2010

Empty your heart of all but He


O son, for the past 6 months the posting that has been receiving the most number of viewers on Lisan al-Din is: 'Be sincere in contemplating your Lord.' So I was compelled to revisit it. Thank you all for this reminder, for making me re-read it. Actually, it is a fact that I should shout at myself - empty your heart from this, that, him, job, fantasies, holiday plans, wish-list from Ikea, all, everything!

Shaykh ad-Darqawi said:
"When the servant knows his Lord, all creatures acknowledge him and all things obey him. But God knows more. The illustrious Shaykh our master (may God be well pleased with him) used to say: 'When your heart is emptied of beings it becomes filled with Being and from that moment love is born between you and other beings. If you act purely toward your Creator, all creatures will manifest goodwill toward you."

Let me tell you a secret, I have always worried that if I commit myself with someone, I might fall into shirik khafi because of my tendency to submit myself wholeheartedly. But lately I came to realize that the zahir can be for anyone but the bathin must always be reserved for Him solely. So, be with people outwardly but inwardly, stick with Him alone. It takes a lifetime of practice, but I believe, if our gurus could reach that stage, so can we bi-iznillah.

"And we (Shaykh ad-Darqawi) will add:  when you are sincere in contemplation of your Lord, He will try you by manifesting Himself to you in all His aspects and if you continue to recognize Him and do not ignore him, then the universe and all it contains will recognize you; it will love you and behave toward you with veneration and generosity; it will rally to your side, obey you and want you; it will rejoice in remembering you, show concern for you, be glorified in you, flock toward you, call you; all this you will see with your own eyes."
May Allah make us sincere in accepting the good and the bad.

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