Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have patience


"The journey from the world to the Hereafter is easy for the believer, but relinquishing creation for the sake of God Most High is difficult. And the journey from the self to God most high is intensely difficult but patience with God is still more difficult."

Patience with God is about being patient with whatever He has decreed for us, no matter how bitter. And Al-Junayd described patience as "drinking down bitterness without a frowning look." How not to frown at something we dislike when we are not patient with what we like?

O son, I had been chewing all these words of wisdom at the immigration office and the airport yesterday. Inwardly grumbling for the lack of opportunity to blog while staring at a chapter on patience in 'Principles of Sufism' by Al-Qushayri, here are some pills on patience I learned to swallow.
  • 'Patience is remaining constant in a state of misfortune with a goodly manner.'
  • 'Patience is the soul's passing away in trials without complaint.'
  • 'Patience is to abide with trials as a good companion as one does with well-being.'
  • 'Patience is perseverance with God and accepting His trials in a welcoming and calm manner.'
  • 'Patience is adherence to the ordinances of the Book and the Sunna.'
  • 'Patience is to abandon complaint.'
  • 'Patience is seeking help from God Most High.'
  • 'The patient ones will achieve high rank in both worlds because they attain from God His company. God says: Verily God is with the patient ones.'
Those are the words of Al-Junayd, Abu Sulayman, Ibn Athaillah, Abu Uthman, Al Khawwas, Ruwaym and Abu Ali Ad Daqqaq.

But this one was the best takeaway (for me) before leaving on the jet plane.
"Imbibe patience.
If it kills you, you will die like a martyr.
If it quickens you, you will live like a noble."

Imbibe means drink, absorb or take in as if by drinking.
So people, cheers to patience!
p/s I hope you had missed me as much as I was missing you yesterday ; )


  1. As-Salāmu `Alaykum my friend:
    Some weeks ago I'd been talking with a good friend , in a very intense way, about patience, and I told her: "Patience is a tree of very sour roots but of the sweetest fruits".
    Of course all your words are sweet, thanks for sharing your life experiences.
    Salam, and best wishes, as always,


  2. It is important that you avoid having negative impression about your Lord. Just because He contricts your provision or give you illness, you start having ill feelings about your fate. If indeed you have makrifah you will not be restless, you will be calm and say Alhamdulillah regardless of your conditions. If you but know, He will in fact raise your maqam after each and every tests. If you behave in a positive manner based on your understanding of this branch of knowledge He will grant you more knowledge that is beyond your imagination.

    Words from a fellow blogger. The reminders are much needed as we are ever forgetful.

  3. Wa'alaykumsalam warahmatullah dear Federico,
    So nice to hear from you again : )
    I so love that quote of yours:
    "Patience is a tree of very sour roots but of the sweetest fruits".
    Short, sweet and deep, indeed!
    Kind thoughts and du'a for you always.

    Thanks, you are absolutely right, we are ever forgetful.
    Alhamdulillah for both good and 'bad'.

    - Ezza