Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interlude (2)


O son, I have been delaying this post for wanting to let the fragrant barakah of Habib Umar lingers a little longer. And the heart needs a short breather after being tweaked by Haddad Al-Qulub none other.

The man is for real I swear and his message rings louder than ever - three things - the ratib, yaqin and the night prayer. There was one serene night I recalled, not too long ago, I was awakened, the heart beating fast and all of a sudden the mouth called out Al-Haddad. Subhanallah! Surely, he is alive and present to guide the weak ones, I am convinced more and more.

Sorry to have kept you waiting. I have been waiting too, for signals and inspirations. We all know the pangs of separation, of missing the lover. And I am missing Habib Umar already. The mind seems to go blank and the heart empty. But it helps to think that we are one faithful body, one loving heart and one pristine spirit. May Allah keep us together, that way, forever.

I'm yours,

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