Tuesday, November 16, 2010

See You at Arafat


O Allah
It may be three long years
before I could get there
if You so wish
this sinner might show up
with bowed head and raining tears

O Plain of Arafat
Count me in the assembly
Hear the prayers I cry out loud
Lord make my heart qalbun salim
may it prostrate to You alone Ya Rahim
so I belong with the mukmin

O Allah
erase my mazmumah
enrich with mahmudah
grant me hajj mabrurah
Honor me with the realities of Arafah
group me with the arifbillah

O Allah
Slaughter the animal in me
Hit my nafs with Your pebble
Shave off my pride
Beautify me for the Eid festival

O Allah
May You boast to the angels
that I humble my neck
as one sacrifice soul
true servitude since the cradle

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