Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Check your response


A boat speeds away on Mae Kok River
It was a wonderful morning, to have breakfast on the bank of Mae Kok, the main river which cuts across Chiang Rai. It may not seem as romantic as cruising Yarra River or the Bosphorus Strait. But each creation (experience) is equally beautiful. It's the way we react to our surroundings that make the difference. Events cannot be changed. How we respond to the unfolding events essentially determines the outcome, whether we feel enriched by His gifts or hope for something 'better' to occur, despite knowing that the 'better' is really up to us. And the truth is, the thing that we are embracing at each moment, now, is the best or He would not have made it happen.

My favorite bite at breakfast was a line from Jim Rohn: "You want to set a goal that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming."

A musafir's travelogue
Chiang Rai
Day 3

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