Monday, November 29, 2010

Comfort seekers


Salam...salam... I have been busy exploring the multiplicity of life and inwardly thinking about the unity of beings. Each soul seek for different things and do so differently yet we are united in our neediness for generous gifts from the Provider. 

I was in Chiang Rai, and then Bangkok and now in Pattaya, Alhamdulillah He has carried me this far this time around.

Pattaya means comfortable, I read somewhere. As I wander amongst the 'comfort seekers' and take what I need while avoiding the madness, I thought of you. We are everywhere across the globe yet we can convene at this quiet place where I get to be myself and speak my heart. While I travel in the company of a good friend, some new friends and family, I realized the best place to be is where you can be yourself and the people around you actually let you be yourself.

Dear visitors/readers/friends,
Thanks for listening!
Thanks for being you!
Thanks for letting me be me.
I wish you a comfortable life no matter where you are.



  1. My dear Ezza!

    You are much missed, we thank you for being so open and sharing yourself with you!

    'An ant on a magnificent rug only sees the bumpy threads he has to tread across, he does not see the beauty of the design and creation on which he is traversing. But the carpet maker looks from above and sees the intricacy of the design and he becomes well satisfied, the ant cannot fathom the carpet maker’s mind.'

    I wanted to ask: how does one purify one's soul?

    A difficult question, but I need some advice.

    Cant wait until your back inshallah.
    R -

  2. My dear R sweety,

    Thank you for the wonderful quote. You are so resourceful and clever!

    Hmm...that's a very difficult question indeed. How do we purify our soul.
    I think we all know parts of the answer, just that we are not doing enough.
    Let me reflect on it and write something soon. InshaAllah.