Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"None is knowledgable except Al-Aleem" - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


Nawaitul ar'bain, nawaitul iktikaf, nawaitul suluk. Alhamdulillah Allah has guided us to be Muslims. O Muslims, O believers, Alhamdulillah Allah has created us from ummah Muhammad s.a.w.

No matter how much we worship, we pray, we fast, day and night, from the time of Adam a.s. until the last moment of the world, we cannot give back His right on us. Do not think that I am doing this, I am doing that. You are not doing anything except that you are thanking Him, that He has created you, and made you ummah of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. Whatever it is that we do to worship him, we should in fact be thanking Him.

No one in this dunya is 'aleem (knowledgable). Even if you are knowledgable on all kinds of sciences and all matters of shari'at still does not encompass the knowledge of the name Al-Aleem. It is not even an atom from that knowledge. Aleem is His sifat (attribute). Allah is the name of Essence. No one knows the Essence, none can reach that level. All the Beautiful Names and Attributes describe Allah. Qul huwallahu Ahad. The unknown is Allah. Al-Aleem is the Name that describes one aspect of Allah.

Allah is directing us when He says: Allahu nurus samawati wal ardh Allah is the light of heaven and earth. But nur is not the same as the light you see outside. Nur is the power behind everything alive and not-alive. He creates every species and give the thing its secret. 

The Prophet s.a.w may have said, Innama ana basharun mithlukum, I am only a mortal like you, but it's not that he is the same as us for none is comparable to him. If anyone dares think that he is the same as Muhammad, try do the mi'raj. We are nothing in front of the Prophet s.a.w. In fact, we are existing within Rasul in front of Allah. Through the Prophet you exist. Outside of him you are simply non-existent.

Earlier, we have heard the Qu'ran recital Ya aiyuhal mudatsir, O you who are covered. Why did you think the Prophet was shaking after having seen Jibril? Jibril came with a revelation Iqra'. The Prophet was experiencing haibatul Malik. He was shocked by the experience. Know that he was shivering underneath the blanket on account of the knowledge that he had just received. He was in fact wrapped by the knowledge. Like Allah was saying, I made you ghani, I give you ghina of knowledge that you wrap yourself with it. And he was asked to stand up and warn people. But the warning is not meant in a hard way. He was asked to get people to be in love with Allah and not to be distant from His love, not to be afraid of Him. You should say Allahu Akbar not out of fear but feel happy that He has given you something. So you glorify Him for all that He has given you. 

So knowledge is from Al-Aleem. Where is knowledge? It is in the heart of awliya. Therefore, you have got to extract it out to get it. If you try to get honey, you take the risk of being stung. Get the sting and be happy with it. Not everything is free or simple. You will get stung.

Fill your heart with what Allah likes from you, with La ilaha illAllah. Do zikrullah.  Take note that Allah encourages us to say La ilaha illAllah, yet He orders us to make salawat. Notice the difference. To encourage is not the same as to order. People will be resurrected with the ones they love. If you truly love the Prophet, you should keep remembering him. He will open the door to Allah s.w.t for you.

There is a narration attributed to Shaykh Ahmad Zaini bin Ali Tirmizi. On the day of judgement, you will be called for accounting. All the amal will be accounted on the mizan/scales but la ilaha illallah was missing. What happened? Then a voice came: 'O my servant, the balance cannot contain la ilaha illAllah. It is beyond creation. And neither the heaven nor the earth can contain it. This is maqam tauhid, la ilaha illAllah is above everything that Allah has created. The proofs are in the words of Prophet Muhammad. If you say subhanallah wabihamdih it would fill between heaven and earth. If you said Alhamdulillah, He will give you more. So what about la ilaha illAllah? Whoever says the kalimah before going to sleep, his soul will be under the throne. When you say it, you will make Allah happy. Whoever says la ilaha illAllah at high noon/zohor time, the power of syaitan within him will diminish. So say la ilaha illAllah from the time you go to sleep until daytime. It will take you to Paradise. If you busy yourself with video games etc. it would take you to syaitan. Whoever says la ilaha illAllah at the time of hilal/new moon, he will not be sick during the entire month. When you enter a city and say la ilaha illAllah, you will be protected from all evils that exist in the city. If someone say it with the intention of seeking higher knowledge, Allah will give it to him.

Wallahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any errors in my notes.
for complete recording of the sohba.

Naqshbandi Followers (Kedah Qasidah Group)
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this new year 1432 Hijri
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