Monday, December 20, 2010

Remembering Shah Bahauddin Naqshband on 14th Muharram

14 Muharram 711 AH (1317 CE) - 3 Rabiul Awal 791 AH (1388 CE)


Shah Bahauddin Naqshband said:
"What is behind the meaning of the Prophet's narration, 'Part of faith is to remove what is harmful from the Way'? What he meant by 'the harmful' is the ego, and what he meant by 'the Way' is the Way of God, as He said to Bayazid al-Bistami, 'leave your ego and come to Us.'

"Muharram is also a month of great importance to Naqshbandi. Our Master and Imam of the Tariqah Shah Naqshband q.s. was born on the 14th of this month. It is thus important and most desired that the Ahl of the Tariqah congregate on the eve of this holy day for Khatm and Dhikr, and read the Mawlid al-Nabi s.a.w. in dedication to Mawlana Shah Naqshband, and also reading excerpts from his saintly life."
From: Al-Futuhat al-Haqqaniyyah by Shaykh 'Adnan Kabbani
Credit: Bro. Shamsul N.A

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