Friday, December 31, 2010

Shedding off the old


O son, before we could embrace something new, we should first shed off the old rusts that have long been deposited in our hearts. We learn from our guides about takhali which means emptying or ridding oneself of negative traits. There are ten bad traits known as Sifat Mazmumah that we should erase. Let us reflect on each one of them and recall the days and times when we have intentionally or unintentionally displayed the traits.

1. Ghadab (bad tempered)
2. Hasad (envy)
3. Bakhil (stingy)
4. Sharrut Ta'am (eat too much)
5. Sharrul Kalam (talk too much)
6. Hubb al-Jah (love having power)
7. Hubb al-Dunya (love the world)
8. 'Ujub (flatter oneself)
9. Takabbur (proud)
10. Riya' (show off)

May Allah help us purify ourselves.
May Allah make us belong with those who purify themselves.
"...and God loves those who purify themselves."
- Qur'an: At Tawbah 108

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