Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And we commit our affair to Allah


O son, we hear and we [try to] obey - sami'na wa atoqna. We have been advised to perform hajj this year, so we plant a seed of hope and start doing our best to prepare for the trip even though we are not certain of the outcome. All we could do is work hard to equip ourselves in both material and spiritual aspects. Just like everybody else, we wish for a hajj that is mabrur before, during and after the actual pilgrimage InshaAllah.

And as we struggle to get rid of the doubts and distractions in working towards the goal, we found some very motivating words from the venerable Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. The words are from Al-Jilani's '9th Letter' of his 'Fifteen Letters' (Khamsata 'Ashara Maktuban). His words of advice, have encouraged us to stay focused on our niyyat for hajj, to have faith in His aid and to commit our affair to Allah. 

My dear friend!
You must turn aside from the tempting urges of carnal appetites:
"And follow not desire, lest it lead you astray from Allah's path."
wa la tattabi'i 'l-hawa fa-yudilla-ka 'an sabili 'llah
(Quran 38:26)

--and depart from the dwellings of heedless neglect:
"And do not obey someone whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance."
wa la tuti' man aghfalna qalba-hu 'an dhikri-na.
(Quran 18:28)

--and shun the companionship of hard-hearted folk:
"But woe unto those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah."
fa-wailun li'l-qasiyati qulubu-hum min dhikri 'llah.
(Quran 18:28)

You must hear, with the ears of your heart, from the summoner of:
"Respond to your Lord, before there comes a day from Allah that cannot be turned back."
istajibu li-Rabbi-kum min qabli an ya'tiya yawmun la maradda la-hu mina 'llah.
(Quran 42:47)

--the summons of:
"Is not the time now ripe for the hearts of those who believe to be humbled to the Remembrance of Allah?"
a-lam ya'ni li'lladhina amanu an takhsha'a qulubu-hum li-dhikri 'llahi.
(Quran 57:16)

You must wake up from the sleep of delusion:
"And do not let the Deceiver deceive you in regard to Allah."
wa la yaghurranna-kum bi-'llahi 'l-Gharur.
(Quran 31:33)

--in response to the admonition:
"What, does man suppose that he will be left to wander aimlessly?"
a-yahsabu 'l-insanu an yutraka suda.
(Quran 75:36)

You must inquire about the stations of the people of present awareness:
"Men whom neither commerce nor trafficking diverts from the remembrance of Allah."
rijalun la tulhi-him tijaratun wa la bai'un 'an dhikri 'llahi.
(Quran 24:37)

You must journey toward the Ka'ba of the intended destination, on the foot of the head, in the desert of the dedication of:
"And devote yourself to Him with intense devotion."
wa tabattal ilai-hi tabtila.
(Quran 73:8)

--with the traveling provision of:
"Say "Allah!," then leave them [to their idle prattling]."
quli 'llahu thumma dhar-hum[fi khawdi-him yal'abun].
(Quran 6:91)

--and on the riding camel of the commitment of:
"And I commit my affair to Allah."
wa ufaw widu amri ila 'llah.
(Quran 40:44)

Credit: Al Baz Publishing


  1. Aw. I am in awe and I feel floored.
    Upon reading this post my soul feels like running towards the Kaaba!

    I was not going to say, but I feel obliged to - so you know how much your posts help a struggling sinner like me. I read Salat Tasbee yesterday after your reminder, it is by the grace of Allah swt that he inspired you to write and in turn inspired me to act on what you wrote. I thought of you when I completed the prayer and I prayed very hard for you. I would also like you to know that I was lucky enough to attend a retreat allhamdillah earlier this month and I prayed for you during sujood the closest a slave can be to his Lord - a kind soul whom I met prayed for me in this manner and I wanted to spread this gift to those who have also been kind to me. You should also be aware that this was during the last hours of the night - and they say that prayers in congregration are 25 times more better than those alone. I do love you very much for the sake of Allah swt, and as one in love :) I do not mind telling you again and again!

    This post has rejuvenated and enlightened me to strive harder in my efforts, thank you so much! May you have a blessed week ahead.

    Love, love and hugs

    p.s. What a strange week. You know Sadiq Aslam (I am sure you do) well he is here in the UK. and I spoke to him yesterday! I remembered it was he who partly inspired you to start writing, what a small world after all!

  2. MashaAllah tabarakallah!!! Thank you Sister R...shukran lillah, Alhamdulillah! I don't know what else to say!

    May Allah keep filling our hearts with love.