Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends in faith


O son, this is one young man I wish you would emulate. Outwardly, he is just like any other youth, but I must say he is above average in terms of politeness, intelligence and inclination towards religion and spirituality. Despite being half my age, he exhibits considerable maturity in his mannerism. And let me ask you, what is the probability of you knowing a young man from a big city who knows how to string a tasbih and it is his favorite pastime? MashaAllah! And not just a simple tasbih, this dear friend whom I got to know through associations on Sufilive and this blog, had taken the trouble to string a 200-beads sandalwood tasbih, carefully arranged according to the Naqshbandi awrad. How's that? MashaAllah tabarakallah! As can be seen in the photo below, it is absolutely exquisite - a gift of a lifetime, both the tasbih and the friendship. InshaAllah. Oh... another precious gift I often get is du'a he makes whenever he visits Habib Nuh maqam. Allah Hu Allah. I feel so blessed to get to know so many wonderful people through this space. Thank you all!

One of our guides said, souls are like an army battalion, we were close and we knew one another in alam ruh, that is why we get excited when we meet again here in this dunya. And hopefully once again in the hereafter InshaAllah.

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