Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Habib Umar on Islamic wedding etiquettes


At Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur recently, Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafiz bin Salim spoke on the etiquettes of wedding for Muslims.

He said:
We are in the month of Safar. It was in this month that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w witnessed the wedding of his daugther Fatimah to Sayyidina Ali. Weddings in the Prophet's family did not cause heedlessness to the attendees. They were usually moderate but filled with lovely fragrances. Wedding preparations were kept simple. Highlight of the events were du'a made by the Prophet seeking plenty of goodness to the newly married couple.

Wedding ceremonies in the present time have become too extravagant. People no longer stick to what is permissible (halal). They become inclined towards the haram. These are people who use their aqal to disobey the light of guidance. The Prophet said: Announce a marriage by playing the drums. There are permissible musical instruments, yet people still opt for the haram. Muslims have the tendency to go overboard in organizing a wedding. They are keen on following the customs of the kaffir where men and women mingle freely and the bride kisses her husband's hand openly in public. When you follow those who do not emulate the Prophet's customs, where is the barakah?

A heart that receives light, a heart which longs to be in the gathering with Rasulullah s.a.w, will not care about following wedding customs which are devoid of shariah. Whoever follows a particular group, he/she is with the group. Therefore, think, who is it that you wish to follow!

Only families, ulama and the fakir & masakin (the poor and needy) should be invited. Purify your wedding from all that is forbidden. Make zikrullah at the event. Only then will the Light of Allah shines upon the majlis and the marriage.

May, by the barakah of Habib Umar,
those wishing to wed this year
will be blessed with a marriage and wedding
brimmed with barakah and eternal happiness.

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