Sunday, January 23, 2011

On being needy


O son, we have been busy and will get busier since we now work three jobs, simply because we have got plenty of needs. It's good when Allah makes us needy because that shows that He wants to give. He is indeed Rich and Generous!

Most importantly, we are preparing ourselves to be independent. We are inspired by one Sufi who works only for one day in a week for an income that could sustain him for a week, so he is free to do his extra worship and go into seclusion on other days.

And the plan this year is to take as much as we need from the world, fulfill our commitments, purify our earnings, go for Hajj and we'll see what happens post-Hajj InshaAllah.

We are inspired by Sayyidina Abu Bakar r.a who gave away 200 dinar for the purpose of building the magnificent Masjid An-Nabawi. Let's all accumulate as much gold dinar as possible bi-iznillah so we could afford to give away that much (or maybe more), for the love of Rasulullah s.a.w.

We are of the view that it's a worthy challenge to take up. InshaAllah.

We would like to pray as did Sayyidina Abu Bakar r.a.:
"O Allah, grant me all the riches of the world and then enable me to renounce it."

We pray: Allahumma aghnina bi hala lika an haramika.
O Allah enrich us with all that is halal and not haram.

We call upon Allah Al-Ghani, Al-Mughni, Ar-Razak, Al-Kareem.
We are happy that we have a Lord, whom we could ask for help, on whom we could rely upon.
Allah Hu Haq.

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