Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What kind of man are you?


O son, O son, O son, it breaks my heart to hear how poorly the best of people to the Prophet - woman - are being treated by man these days. We have heard about so many cases of men being increasingly dependent on their wives because they fail to provide for their women and their families. Some men have failed completely, others partially. Some, despite failing to be a good provider, dare wish to marry more than one, on the pretext of sunnah. They can't even tell the difference between what is obligatory and what is supererogatory. And from my own experience there are 'religious' men, some carry the title of 'shaykh', who manipulate religion for the benefit of their own nafs.

Rather than easing the burden of woman, they dump even the smallest of responsibilities on the woman's shoulder. Instead of doing things to soothe the hearts of woman, they hurt their women, emotionally, psychologically, financially and even physically.

Some of them are not in a position to teach their wives, yet deny her rights to leave home to seek knowledge. Some think, only man should go out to majlis 'ilm or majlis zikr so they leave their wives at home. They are also the ones who make their wives leave home to work for the family, like telling them: You go out and do what I want you to do then come home and continue doing what I want you to do, because your sacred duty is to serve me and you'll get plenty of rewards for it!

We pray Allah will lift the burden of all women who are being ill-treated by their men. Pray Allah will make the men's brain and heart grow bigger so they would come out from such a sorry state.

Oh Allah, thank You, my father was a great man!

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