Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adab takes us to Him


O son, our guides have impressed upon us that our goal is not Paradise but Allah. But how? There is one clue from the great master Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq (may God grant him mercy) who said:
"The servant reaches Paradise
by obeying God.
He reaches God
by observing correct behavior in obeying Him."

Our Ustaz often reminded us and we need to be reminded on this especially now that 'One is distant from Allah not because he lacks knowledge but because he lacks adab.'

And we quote Al-Qushayri again in 'Principles of Sufism' that the beloved master Ibn Atha'illah said:
"Correct behavior (adab) means that you are occupied with commendable things."
Someone asked, 'What do you mean by this?"
He replied:
"This means that you observe correct behavior with God both inwardly and outwardly. If you conduct yourself in this way, you will have correct behavior even if your speech is not that of an Arab."
Then he recited:
"When she spoke,
she displayed full eloquence.
When she was silent,
again she was eloquent."

May Allah grant us eloquence, both in speech and silence.

Regret that I cannot share anything from two important mawlid majlis that had taken  place this weekend as I had missed them. May Allah have mercy on me and invite me again soon InshaAllah. Until then I might just remain silent. But then again, It is He who moves the tongue of this weak heart and these tired fingers. La hawla wala quwwata illah billah...

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