Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ask for the best of bounties


O son, yesterday we learned about the need to have husnul zan towards the Lord, that the better man is one who thinks better of His Lord. If for any reasons you think He is not that generous, than that's what He is and certainly that's not the case, Subhanallah, and He is annoyed by one who does not have certitude in Him and His magnificence. We should therefore, have confidence in Him and His abilities to grant anything, anything at all, so ask for the best of bounties as did Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi in his wednesday morning prayer.

O My Lord,
Grant me complete gnosis and universal wisdom, so that there remains nothing knowable [in the universe] without me coming to know the subtle threads of its intricacies, which are spread throughout existence. By this may I drive away the darkness of created things which prevent the perception of the realities of [Your] Signs, and by this may I dispose freely over the hearts and spirits, kindling true love and friendship, right conduct and guidance. 

O Forgiving One! O Veiling One! O Preserver! O Protector! O Defender! O Benefactor! O Truly Affectionate One! O Graciously Indulgent One! O Most Subtle and Benevolent! O Most Mighty and Invincible! O Flawless, Boundless Peace!

Forgive me, veil me and preserve me. Protect me and defend me. Bestow upon me beneficence, affection and indulgene. Be benevolent to me, make me invincible, and grant me peace and security.

Take me not to task for the baseness of my actions, and do not requite me for the evil of my works. Correct me without delay through Your complete Benevolence, and purify me with the Purity of Your universal Compassion. Do not let me stand in need of any other than You! Protect me and absolve me. make my whole affair righteous and proper [to You].

There is no God but You! Glory be to You, indeed I have been of the oppressors. You are the Most Merciful of the mercifiers!

May the blessing of God be upon our master Muhammad, and upon his family and companions, salutations to them all. Peace be upon the messengers. And praise be to God, Lord of the universes.

Excerpts from: The Daily Prayers/Al Awrad al-yawmiyya
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Translator credit: Pablo Beneito & Stephen Hirtenstein

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