Monday, February 7, 2011

The best of invitations


Shukran lillah for my mother. She has several good habits I wish to follow. She always make an extra effort to visit those who are about to leave for hajj and give a small token of sadaqah to them.

Several years ago, she and her friend Mami went to the airport to send off a neighbor who was leaving for Makkah. Hand in hand they walked towards the departure terminal. That was when Mami confided in her, "Maznah, I really wish to go for hajj, but I don't have the means to go." 

Mami was a woman who lived a hard life. As a single mother she raised her children with much difficulties. She hardly wore new clothes and  avoided attending kenduri (wedding celebrations) because she didn't have much to offer to the hosts. Despite the hardships she had been suffering after her husband's demise, Mami was one who laughed a lot. She was always jovial.

"Of course you can, if you have the niyyat to go for hajj, if Allah wills it, you'll get there," said my mother. "But you know me Maznah. I don't have any income."
"But He can provide in unexpected ways," my mother tried to console Mami.

About a year later, when we were back in Penang, we heard people talking about the good news - Mami was going for hajj! How did the miracle come about?  Mami's son-in-law had booked his mother for hajj that year but she became ill so Mami got the ticket!

p/s O son, there can be miracles when you believe. I pray to Allah Al Kareem so that whoever wishes to perform hajj this year will get an invitation. Bi-iznillah

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