Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart of the matter


O son, I wish to remind myself and you that we are in the business, meaning we busy ourselves with polishing the heart. It's not a business of sharpening the brain because the brain has a tendency to look at things with logic alone, hence the brain likes to argue and weigh things according to its make-believed intelligence. He is the Supreme Intelligent - Al Aleem, Al Hakim. We know nothing, we are not claiming we know something significant.

I sincerely hope that this space does not come across to anyone as though I know something 'better' than they do. As you are aware, I merely copy what I read and hear, and write what is reflected in the mirror of my heart.

We learned about the piece of flesh namely the heart, that if it is good then the rest of the body will be good (including the brain/intellect). We learned about the heart being the dwelling place of Allah so we try to empty it of everything else save Allah (and love for Rasulullah s.a.w). So we are in the business of emptying the heart. This is of course nothing new to many of us. In fact, some of the readers/visitors may find it amateurish of us to be repeating this point. Really this space is not for those seeking "intellectual" stuff because we have got nothing to offer in that aspect.

All we try to do is purify our intention, we try to make it sincere, we are not even claiming that we are sincere. Our guides constantly remind us to make our intentions sincere. We just hope that the chambers of our heart are vacant for His manifestations as we let Him be whatever He wishes to be through us. So that our wish is in fact His wish, that we only wish for whatever He wishes.

We also hope that whatever that is written from the heart finds its place in the heart bi-iznillah. It is He who creates us and our actions. Only He is capable of teaching and He guides whomever He wills.

We rely on the barakah of the habaib and shuyukh whom we've been privileged to meet. We are only a bunch of ignorant seekers who is needy of their barakah and guidance. We remain poor so that He may continue to enrich us with knowledge and wisdom through His warisatul anbiya, the heirs of the prophets, the blessed ulama. InshaAllah.

Until we are invited to the next majlis 'ilm, we shall read whatever comes to our hand. InshaAllah.
Rabbi zidni 'ilma.
Rabbi habli hukman wa al hiqni bis solehin.

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