Thursday, February 10, 2011

The leader of two worlds


I who don't conform to his sunnah
He who enlivened the darkest of nights with ibadah
his feet cried in pain
on becoming swollen

Tied his tummy when he was hungry
The smooth skin of his abdomen roughened
by pebbles
made it tighten

Mountains offered to be gold
but he refused
yet again and again

The hard-knocks of life made him strong in zuhud
His dire needs did not sway his stand
not one foot

How could the world lure him
it would never have come into existence
if not for he
and he alone

He is the leader of two alam
this world and the hereafter
he is the leader of man and jinn together
both Arabs and the Ajam

He who promotes goodness
forbids evil deeds
His speech was the best of speeches
whether he said yes
or even when he said no

He is much loved
whose shafaat is much hoped for
to remove all our hearts' woes

He calls on the ummah in the way of Allah
whoever follows his guidance
holds on to a sturdy rope
neither torn nor broken

He surpassed all other prophets
in both looks and character
None could exceed him
in knowledge and generosity

They all learned from him
be it a spoonful of the sea
or a drink from his vast ocean of knowledge
flowing as heavy rain

They were given a limited portion
like a dot or a line
of just one
word of wisdom

He is a prophet
perfect is his heart and soul
The one chosen by Allah
as habibullah

None could beat his beauty
His alluring jewels
shared by no other
most definitely

Loosely translated from parts of Chapter 3 of Qasidah Burdah
Note: Ajam = non-Arabs

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