Saturday, February 12, 2011

Limitless glory


Follow not the Christians
as they glorify Jesus
for Muhammad is not God
no he is not

but praise him your own way
as your heart desire
Honor him as you wish
Commend the splendor
befitting his stature

his glory is limitless
no tongue can utter his uniqueness
though you craft the most beautiful of kalimah

His prophetic signs
may well match his real station
and you might see decayed bone
come to live
just by saying his name

He did not burden us
with illogical shariat
all he hope for is our faith
So we neither doubt nor fret

Still we can't fathom his haqiqah
not one who is near or far
none could understand it ever
like the sun appearing small from afar
but its lights may blind
the sights of the seer

how could one who sleeps a lot
and lost in fantasies
how could one who is satisfied
seeing him in a dream
how could they
comprehend his reality

All they say is, Oh!
He is the exemplar beyond compare!
The miracles of other anbiya
to his Nur they owe

He is the prime sun
while other prophets are stars
shining only when the sun is absent and far

honorable is he
adorned with praiseworthy character
beautiful is his manners
handsome figure drew many admirers
smiling lips always on offer

gentle as a flower
noble as the full moon
generous as the ocean
endless with aspirations

as if he is the only one esteemed with dignity
as though he is guarded by an army
and helpers surrounding him constantly

whenever he speaks
sweet smile never leaves
like lovely pearls
in between the shells - his lips

no perfume is sweeter than the soil
enveloping his holy body
in the maqam he rests in grace
lucky is one who gets to kiss it
and rub it on the face

Loosely translated from parts of Chapter 3 of Qasidah Burdah

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