Saturday, February 26, 2011

The lyrics of life


Countless times he had put a smile in people's hearts and made emotions jumped for joy, all because Allah has gifted him with some musical talent.

Brother Saffar is one multi-talented person. He is not only a good musician, he is also a taylor who is well known for making beautiful Taj - the Naqshbandi cone hats worn with turbans. He makes decent clothing for men - coats, trousers and shirts Naqshbandi style. And he not only singed qasidah but also played the drums for the Naqshbandi Haqqani Ensemble. MashaAllah!

Yesterday, it appeared that it's our turn to play some soothing music to his soul. The jovial Saffar that I know is now in a sombre mood. He had texted me asking for du'a for his ill other half. Allahu Allah...

So please, I humbly ask all of you whose du'a are more maqbul than mine, I ask you who can empathize with Saffar to kindly say a prayer for his wife. You may not know him as well as I do but we all know that while we enjoy listening to beautiful songs, we've got to think of the singers too, some days it's our turn to 'sing' to them because they too need to hear the melodies of hope and happiness. And we all know the lyrics of life too well, sometimes we hum a happy tune, sometimes we just can't.

If you wish to place orders to Bro. Saffar for Taj or male clothing,
text him at +6 012 5729630.
But please don't bother him with phone calls now. Not yet.

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