Thursday, February 17, 2011

They who deserve respect


Dear visitors,

Let it be known that I will not respond to any negative comments or queries on:
- ahlul ibadah (the pious)
- ahlul tasawwuf (the Sufis)
- insan Rabbani (people of the Lord)
- ahlul zikr (people who are steadfast in their zikir)
- mashaikh (the shaykhs)
- ahlul tariqah (people who belong with any of the tariqah)
- ahlul barzakh (those who have passed away)
- arifbillah (the gnostics)
- ustazs/guru (the learned)
- mukhlisin (the sincere ones)
- those with good akhlak
- those who have taught us even if it's just one little thing
- and anyone else who deserve respect.

The path that we are on is about looking at ourselves, looking inward not outward. It's about being persistent in correcting ourselves, period.

We are grateful for all the knowledge that we have received and learned from each and everyone we have met and they are from various backgrounds. We belong with people who look at both 'unity in multiplicity' and 'multiplicity in unity'.

To anyone who likes to question this and that about other people, I ask: what say you if I say:
La ilahaillahu qabla kulli ahada
La ilahaillahu baqda kulli ahada
La ilahaillahu yabqa Rabbana
wayafna kullu ahada

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