Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If I was blind


There I was sitting comfortably at Tony Roma's, enjoying the beautiful lights of KLCC, the ears soothed by the water features next to our table, thinking mashaAllah how sumptuous the food. The fried mushroom reminded me of those I had at 'Red Lobster' California 20 years ago. They tasted as good mashaAllah, how could He let me have a surreal repeated experience. How generous! The beef ribs were beyond delicious. Oh, the rosemary chicken, oh even the brocolli and the pasta, mashaAllah it was like a merriment of taste buds.

But then came two ladies. One of them looked like she was in her mid-20s, pretty and well dressed.  They seemed unfazed by the surroundings as they stepped into the al fresco dining area. Clinging tightly onto her arm was a woman who looked mature enough to be her mother. This lady was blind. They stopped at the table in front of ours trying to sell a pocket of tissue but sadly none of the three gentlemen responded.

The two ladies then hurriedly moved away and walked towards our table...

After they had left, I was left with mixed feelings which ironically 'tasted' better than anything I had just eaten. I tasted gratitude, sadness, guilt, humility all in one taste of  nearness to Allah. Subhanallah.

If I was blind, if I were in their shoes, oh my legs would have felt very tired walking from one table to another, hopping from one restaurant to another, crossing the busy street, I would have felt a little sleepy and most probably hungry. Yet those two ladies didn't appear tired or hopeless.

After they had left, I was left with one question. What if I was blind? If I had been blind, I would not have gone to universities, I would not be able to blog, I would not be in a position to do things that could make my parents proud. If I was blind...Allahu Allah...

If the blind lady could be me for one day, what would she be doing? She would definitely do and achieve more than I. She would surely be more grateful than I, one simple meal would be enough for her. She would be more generous than I, she would offer more to the blind than what I had given her.

Astaghfirullah...May Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive us all. May Allah make us use our senses and limbs in the way that would please Him more.

Pic credit: Pakislam.com

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