Monday, February 28, 2011

Offer no excuses


La hawla wala quwwata illah billah. I have been very busy. I have been slacking in my posting. I have been suffering from a spiritual drought. Those are my excuses for not writing on time as I have intended. Then, today while thinking about more excuses, I came across this page in Al Wasiyya by Shaykh Abdul Al-Mahmud Al-Hayfan.

Do not take to excuses
Beware, my sons, of things that cause you to excuse yourselves from doing things you have to do because seeking excuses is part of the human sense of dignity and esteem. The Truth (Allah) blamed those who sought excuses, so on your road to the Truth do not ever be in a situation of blame for excusing yourselves from doing things that bring good to you and drive evil away from you. Do away with excuses as much as you can, as being free from excuses is more dignified and higher in esteem than excuses, even if you were true in advancing them.
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So my friends, together we struggle, together we learn and take heed InshaAllah.

And this is what I learned from Jack Canfield earlier this morning: Don't block success by refusing to take action on a project, just lean into it and don't sabotage yourself thinking you don't deserve to be successful.

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