Friday, March 18, 2011

Show mercy


Alhamdulillah, we thank Allah for His mercy and blessings that He had let us sit before those whom He love - the ulama
We reminisce the night when we sat before Shaykh Abdul Huda Muhammad Al-Yaqqoubi and heard our first hadith. It was in December 2009.  It was the first hadith for Shaykh Al-Yaqqoubi too, who said: "This is the first hadith I heard from my teacher." 

“The Merciful, Blessed and Most High,
is merciful to those who show mercy;
Show mercy to those on earth,
and the One in Heaven will show Mercy to you.”

We have walked so far, learned as much as we could, shared a little and digressed quite a bit, so it's best that we revisit the first hadith we heard. And contemplate that maybe we are not being merciful enough to those on earth?! That He is not giving us the blessing of majlis 'ilm.

O Lord, show mercy on us, we missed the guide who taught us our first hadith. We long to be in majlis ilm again soon. Bi-iznillah.

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