Sunday, April 3, 2011

Intercession of the grand saint of Singapore


A supplication by Tok Mat the Carriage Driver
as quoted in the above book which may be purchased
at the maqam of Habib Noh.
"Tok Mat worked as a horse carriage driver,
ferrying passengers to and fro.
His was a dangerous occupation:
19th-century was rife with robberies and murders,
especially at night.
Tok Mat knew Habib Nuh and regularly transported him around,
free of charge, only hoping for the blessing of his saintly grace.
One night, Tok Mat had to ride alone across an area,
which he knew to be very unsafe.
He was gripped with fear.
He made a silent prayer to Allah that his journey be eased
by somehow meeting him with Habib Nuh along the way
so that Habib Nuh could intercede for his safety.
As soon as this prayer crossed his heart,
he looked up and saw Habib Nuh in the passenger cabin,
smiling at him.
He knew that he had nothing to fear,
and rode home safely."

The maqam is open daily. Visiting hours: 9 am - 9 pm
Closed for 10 minutes before and after prayer times.

We all hope to stand in the saintly rays of barakah


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