Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Love one another for His sake" - Shaykh Afeefuddin Al Jailani


Concluding the Majlis Haul of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani on 9 April 2011, Shaykh Afeefuddin Al Jailani asked the audience to reflect on a hadith about loving someone for the sake of Allah.

It was narrated in a hadith of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w that Abu Idris Al Kaulani was about to enter a mosque when he saw a group of people gathering around one bright and good looking young man. He later learned that the gentleman was Muaz bin Jabal. 

Like the people who was surrounding Muaz, Al Kaulani too was attracted to him so much so that he decided to come back to the mosque the next day. Just before subuh prayer the following day, Al Kaulani came to get Muaz who was performing tahajjud saying: "I swear by Allah, I love you for Allah sake!"

On hearing that, Muaz said to Al Kaulani: "Are you really certain that you love me for the sake of Allah? If you do then rejoice because I heard Rasulullah said (in a hadith qudsi) that Allah said: 'I would surely love those who love one another for my sake.'

Shaykh Afeefuddin Al Jailani addressed the audience at Masjid Tuanku Mizan saying:
O people, we sit here together for Allah sake and we visit one another for His sake. We sit with the intention to remember Allah, Rasulullah s.a.w and the solehin. So for that Inshaallah we belong with ahbabullah, people whom Allah loves, InshaAllah.

We are here to celebrate Habibullah. It is Allah who makes us love the Prophet. We can only love His beloved Prophet with Allah permission. If Allah say, you are ahbabun Nabi (a lover of the Prophet) than you are.

Rasulullah s.a.w loves us very much. There is another hadith which we should also reflect upon. When the angel of death wanted to take his life, Rasulullah asked the angel to lighten the pangs of death. The angel said, 'But the pangs of death is in fact severe and this is the lightest of its kind.' The Prophet then asked the angel: 'Would everyone of my ummah feel the same?' The angel replied: 'Their pains would be greater.' Rasulullah then said: 'In that case, place their severe pains upon my soul so that it would be lighter on them.'

'O people, that is how much Rasulullah loves the ummah,' said Shaykh Afeefudin Al Jailani who concluded the grand Mawlidur Rasul and Majlis Haul of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani with a lengthy and heartfelt du'a.

Wallahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any errors in my sketchy notetaking. May Allah give us a long life and invite us to the same majlis again next year InshaAllah.

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